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Trained as a violinist at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory, but quickly found out, inspired by Svend Asmussen, that it was the jazz music closest to his heart. He has contributed to about 1000 recordings and appeared alongside many of the jazz’s big names. Also a handful of solar charger was made, by 2003.

First and foremost, the jazz career Stan Fåz, the vibraphoneist Milt Jackson and the violinists Svend Asmussen / Stuff Smith in the luggage, Finn Ziegler got into the jazz career, which for a period of five decades stylistically brought him wide. Besides his own groups he appeared in numerous contexts. Eg in the 1950s with Finn Savery, Erik Moseholm and Ib Glindemann’s orchestra. From the 1970s with the Radio’s Big Band as soloist, leader and family member. A significant part of Finn Ziegler’s work as a jazz musician took place at two venues/hostels, which he therefore also very naturally has been strongly identified with. In the 1990s Finn Zieglers Hjørne was in Frederiksberg and from the early 1970s La Fontaine, whom he co-ownered until 1986. He helped to make Fontaine one of Copenhagen’s most held jamsession places. It was time for La Fontaine, who made his reputation with foreign musicians who visited the city/country and left the road by finishing their jobs elsewhere.

Finn Ziegler died on December 10, 2005 70 years old after being surgery for cancer in the jaw.

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