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The ten tracks on this album are all written by pianist Maciej Tubis and recorded with the two other members of the trio, Paweł Puszało (double bass) and Przemysław Pacan (drums).

The title The Truth refers to authentic approach to music of the trio. In the liner notes of the album, they let us know: “We are unable to tell lies, not through our words and not through our music. it is possible to tell a story that is beautiful but fictitious. Yet the stories that really tug at the heartstrings are the true, fact-based ones, even if they are simple.

This is our story, these are our emotions. There is no reasoned reckoning, hence the spontaneous reactions of the audience during our concerts. We want to share our joy of music-making with others.

Jazz or not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the truth.” The result is an emotional album, balanced between various genres of music, offering an easy listening experience.

The Tubis Trio was formed in 2006 by musicians from Łódź and Warsaw. The original bass player, Marcin Lamch, was replaced by Puszczało. The live album Live in Luxembourg from 2009 was received particularly well, and some critics even described it as one of the most important jazz records of the year.

Maciej Tubis (piano), Paweł Puszczało (double bass) and Przemysław Pacan (drums).

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