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Swedish bassist and composer Anders Jormin has been recording since the mid 1980s, playing with greats such as his countryman Bobo Stenson, American saxophonist Charles Lloyd and Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stanko among others.

Since his debut as a leader for ECM in 2001, he has kept close to the label. But the concept on Poems for Orchestra marches to somewhat of a different tune and that it is being released on the Scandinavian label Losen Records seems appropriate, considering the large amount of Swedish and Danish folklore these songs and poems are steeped in.
Contrary to what one might expect when looking at the large cast of musicians involved, Poems for Orchestra is not at all a work of overblown proportions. There are plenty of arrangements here that confine themselves to simply, and elegantly, framing Lena Willenmark’s crystal clear voice, often even reducing the orchestra to a core quartet joined by sparse ornamentation from the sidelines.

Most of the poems stem are by Sören Ulrik Thomsen and largely deal with nature in harmonious way. Others are written by Lena Willemark and Jormin himself. A calmness and sense of serenity characterises the proceedings.

While Jormin’s compositions and swinging basslines—which are foregrounded in Lars Nilsson’s mixing and mastering—undoubtedly lead the party, the bassist always shows consideration for the bigger picture. Vigorous solos by reed players Joakim Rolandson and Ove Ingermarsson and trumpeter Staffan Svensson are impressive. Jormin was right to give these players elbow room.

Poems for Orchestra is an intimate landscape that envelopes the listener and begs to be explored. It seems to pass by in a moment, but leaves a lasting memory.

  1. Ogadh dett / Your Eyes
  2. En gång skall du / There Comes a Time for You
  3. Dikten jag alltid drömt om att skriva / The Poem I Wanted to Write
  4. Synsk poet / Second-sighted Poet
  5. Ödetorp / Desolate Cottage
  6. Krattskogslada / Grove Barn
  7. Hirajoshi
  8. Not
  9. Oktoberhavet / The October Sea
  10. Utmarksäng / Hillside Meadow
  11. Kronohemman / Homestead
  12. Dröm / Dream
  13. Måseskär
  14. Fyrstation / Lighthouse

Anders Jormin: composer, double bass; Lena Willemark: vocal, violin; Karin Nakagawa: Koto; Bohuslän Bigband: reeds, trumpets, flugelhorns, trombones; Stefan Wingefors: piano; Yasuhito Mori: bass; Göran Kroon: drums.

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